Base64 encoder & decoder

64baser is a tool for text or binary to Base64 and vice-versa conversion

Encode a text to Base64 by copy & paste

errorThe text will be encoded to UTF8 and then converted to Hex. If you want a different encoding, upload rather a file with your own encoding, or any other binary file

Paste a text to encode:

What exactly does it do?

  • Fixes or removes non-well formed tags and attributes (e.g. adds alt attributes to images if missing)
  • Converts the markup to HTML5 (if it is XHTML for example)
  • Reduces the markup to: <a href>, <body>, <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6>, <head>, <hr>, <html>, <i>, <img src width height alt>, <li>, <ol>, <p>, <ruby>, <strong>, <table>, <tbody>, <td colspan rowspan>, <th colspan rowspan>, <title>, <tr>, <ul>
  • Replaces: <b> to <strong>, <div> to <p>
  • Reformats the HTML (line breaks, indents)


Input: <p class="funny" onlick="alert('LOL')">bla bla</p>
Will be simplified to: <p>bla bla</p>